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Guy & LeeLee Atwater has been my Taiji student since 1990. He is now a gifted teacher as well as an accomplished practitioner of Taiji. I am proud to recommend him.

Lee has taught in the Hamilton area for many years and I have substituted for him a few times and have always been impressed at how well his students do Taiji and how much they respect and have learned from him. Conversely, Lee has substituted for me on occasion and my students always rave about his teaching and skill.

Lee continues to be an enthusiastic student who strives to learn more and he retains his enthusiasm for Taiji and the great healing principles embodied in it.

              Guy DeRosa


Guy with JeffI have been a student of Lee Atwater for many years.  Lee is an excellent teacher and has had many years experience as a Tai Ji teacher and practitioner.  Lee understands the philosophical, spiritual and martial aspects of Tai Ji and blends all three in his lessons.

Lee is very patient in his lessons and accentuates his student’s accomplishments.  He encourages students to work on areas that need improvement and never criticizes a student for not doing enough.  He always prepares his lessons ahead of time and the lessons are focused around a theme.  There is good continuity from one lesson to the next. 

Lee communicates what he learns from his teachers well and will adjust his lessons to incorporate modifications from his teachers.  He takes the time to explain and answer student questions.

Being a student of Lee has been a very positive experience and I would strongly recommend Lee as a teacher for any prospective student.

Jeff W.


RichI have been a student of Sifu Lee’s for over six years. I don't know if there is a better Taiji instructor in the area. He has been practicing Taiji for almost 25 years himself, under a direct student of Master Jou. He is patient, caring, very articulate and professional. He would be an asset to anyone’s team.

Rich V.


Susan J.As a member of the Robert Wood Johnson Center for Health and Wellness, I have attended Lee’s tai chi classes for about seven years. During those years classes have become increasingly popular, growing from 3 or 4 regular participants to as many as 25 students per class.

The Wellness Center’s tai chi classes include a mix of students with various levels of interest in the art and many different reasons for participating; students with different levels of experience; and students of different ages, degrees of athleticism, and temperaments.  Despite our diversity, Lee is able to conduct classes in which each student is encouraged to participate to the best of his or her ability and at an appropriate level. 

Although learning the principles is of primary importance in the class, Lee also provides us with glimpses of what is happening in the greater world of tai chi, and reminds us of the philosophical and martial bases for the practice.

I’m looking forward to at least another seven years in Lee’s classes.

Susan J.


Guy with MikeI studied tai chi with Sifu Lee for 7 years. A sifu more dedicated to the art would be a rare find.  As a student himself, he offers new challenges to both his classes as well as private sessions with intense focus on principles. Sifu Lee allowed me to grow in the art at my own pace, with constant encouragement and positive reinforcement.

Areas of study included:  traditional Yang style 108-posture long form., Yang style 49-posture demonstration form, Yang style 13-posture form, Dalu and swimming dragon.

Mike P.


Stepehn C.I have studied Tai Chi with Sifu Lee Atwater for several years, first in a class setting and then as a private student. He is one of the finest teachers I have ever had the pleasure and the privilege to work with. In a class setting he manages to give each student personal attention, and as a private student Sifu Lee has helped me to fine-tune my tai chi movements. His attention to even the smallest detail is unsurpassed, and he is able to accomplish this with a teacher’s dedication and grace that has always made me feel good about my accomplishments in the art of Tai Chi, while at the same time encouraging me to strive to ever expand my abilities.

Sifu Lee really does encourage each of his students to “follow their own tai chi path.” This has been very important to me personally, and I believe that this is the key point in his teaching, but whenever this path has led me to questions he has always made himself available to assist me in finding the way. I would highly recommend Sifu Lee as a teacher for anyone interested in learning authentic Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, and having the re-energized and healthful life that it brings. 

Stephen C.

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