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"Cultivate the Vital Life Force - Discover your Inner Wisdom & Power"

Tai Chi Fusion© combines elements of traditional Yang style Tai Chi with gentle Yoga, Energy heTai Chi Leealing and classical Indian dance. These movements can be fused together to produce a unique form of stress relief and calm, relaxing exercise for the mind and body or they can be learned and performed separately based on your personal goals and motivation as well as your time and space constraints.

What will you Learn?

You will learn individual and relaxing movements incorporating dance, tai chi and other meditative postures that, when put together, creates what we call Tai Chi Fusion .  You will enjoy the calm and centered feeling that you experience and learn to build a short routine into your everyday life. 

Tai Chi Fusion offers many benefits. Continual practice can stimulate your internal organs and improve circulation through the increased flow of Chi - your life force or internal energy.  Listed below are some potential health benefits and results.

Health Benefits

Potential Results

Relax  - relieve stress & anxiety

Promotes a calm, centered approach

Releases tension

More circular, fluid movement

More patient mindset

Allows the body to stay connected and move as one unit

Lower high blood pressure

Reduces risk of heart issues

Boost immune system

Increases energy level

Improve balance & coordination

Better stability and "foot sense"

Improve posture, stretch & tone body

Better alignment from neutral posture

Achieve better physical & emotional balance

Meditative movement helps calm nerves

Develop inner awareness & mental focus

More intuitive - external things happen more freely

Increase joint & tendon flexibility, elasticity

Decreases risk of injury

Improved movement & fluidity

More circular flow & momentum

Improved sleep

More energy

Heightened body awareness

More alert and focused

Gently stretches spine, joints & ligaments

More open body structure

More body power

Use of entire body may prevent injury

Low impact, easy to learn exercise

Easier on joints, simple exercise goal

Tai Chi Lee

contact: sifulee@taichilee.com

 "Tai Chi Fusion is not just an exercise routine… it’s a way of life!”

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