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Lee Atwater, co-creator of Tai Chi Fusion

Lee AtwaterLee has been practicing and teaching Yang style Tai Chi since 1990.  He currently teaches at a local Wellness facility in addition to working with students privately at his home studio.  He also teaches in the local community at senior centers and through continuing education programs.  Lee has attended workshops by many renowned Tai Chi masters and practitioners and he continues to hone his skills with his long-time friend and teacher Guy DeRosa. Lee has also performed demonstrations and workshops in celebration of the annual World Tai Chi Day.  He is currently writing a book that combines his love of tennis with Tai Chi (see tennistaichi.com) and also maintains his own Tai Chi web site (see taichilee.com) that offers free downloads and access to instructional DVDs.

Aliya Rab, co-creator of Tai Chi Fusion

Aliya RabAliya Rab is an avid Tai Chi practitioner and incorporates it in every aspect of her life. She started learning Tai Chi from Lee several years ago and found it to be the most effective and brilliant routine for a complete mind-body connection. An experienced architect and holistic healer, Aliya is drawn to the creative and health aspects of Tai Chi. Originally from Pakistan, Aliya grew up learning various dance styles of the Indo-Pak subcontinent. She is particularly fond of the classical “Kathak” dance and is intrigued by the similarities between the basic principles of Kathak, Yoga and Tai Chi. These elegant and fluid forms come together in Tai Chi Fusion.

Lee writes: "As a student, Aliya is every teachers dream.  Even without her dance background Aliya seamlessly incorporates fluidity and gracefulness and applies the basic Tai Chi principles not only to her Tai Chi practice and dance but to her day-to-day life as well.  Aliya's story is a testament to the healing powers of Tai Chi!"

Our Goals are to help you:

  • by sharing our vast experience in these mind-body art forms.
  • raise your mind-body awareness.
  • build a gentle form of exercise into a daily routine.
  • cultivate your root and your internal energy.
  • develop better balance both mentally and physically.
  • incorporate ancient principles into your daily life.

Listen to Tai Chi Inspiration on Blog Talk Radio.  The show has been temporarily suspended but you can always listen to the archived shows in the on-demand episodes by scrolling down the page once on our BlogTalkRadio page (link below).

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Aliya classical Indian dance

We offer the benefits of years of experience gained from our teachers and our extensive practice in these art forms. We are members in good standing of multiple professional organizations.

Tai Chi Inspiration on Blog Talk Radio

 "Tai Chi Fusion is not just an exercise routine… it’s a way of life!”

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