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"Cultivate the Vital Life Force - Discover your Inner Wisdom & Power"

Our goal is to enrich your life with the infinite benefits of Tai Chi Fusion © that is inspired by the timeless Eastern forms perfected through the ages.

What is Tai Chi Fusion?Meditation

Tai Chi Fusion© is a unique routine that combines the basic principles of Chinese Martial Arts, Energy Healing, Gentle Yoga and Indian Classical Dance. Practiced regularly, Tai Chi Fusion helps improve posture, balance, strength and coordination. It also promotes harmony and mind-body connection. Recommended for all ages and fitness levels, Tai Chi Fusion is a fun and easy way to a sharper mind, stronger body and overall well-being.

From Essential Tai JiAbout Tai Ji - There are many myths and stories on the origins of Tai Ji, from mythical rulers  to Taoist monks to recluses who created these movements for health and self-defense; but the real story is this:

Once upon a time, somewhere, anywhere in the world, there was a man or a woman sitting on a mountain top, quietly observing nature. She became so inspired by the movements of the world around him she began to dance, imitating all the natural elements she could easily identify. She opened herself completely to the forces of nature. She became the forces; sky, earth, fire, water, trees, flowers, wind, clouds, birds and butterflies. Her dance bMeditateecame ecstatic, completely transforming and transcendent. So happy with herself, she then poetically named each movement motif; Bubble of the Cosmos, Yin/Yang Harmonic Loop, White Crane Flashing Wings, Cloud Waving Hands, Golden Bird Balancing on One Leg, Embrace Tiger Return to Mountain.

He or she was the originator of the Tai Ji dance. His moment of creation could have happened thousands of years ago or could have happened right now, this moment, somewhere, anywhere in the world. This person could be you. You are the potential Tai Ji creator. You are the dancer and the dance.

by Chungliang Al Huang

 "Tai Chi Fusion is not just an exercise routine… it’s a way of life!”

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