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Embrace Your Internal Energy - Heighten Body Awareness - Achieve Better Focus and Fluidity in Your Game

IMG_2302_smallElevate your game by practicing simple, flowing movements based on ancient Tai Chi principles.  This will help you develop better body sense and harmony and tap into your inner core of energy for improved balance, flexibility and mindfulness.

This program, combined with regular tennis instruction can help you to better relax on court and ultimately improve your game. There is no question of the benefits of going out on court and hitting or drilling with a teacher or friend but Tai Chi provides the added bonus of awareness, smoother transitions and movement plus an inner calm.  If you're looking specifically for tennis instruction, please see Lee Atwater Tennis.If you have an interest in building some Tai Chi principles into your game, please ask me about it!   

What is Tennis Tai Chi?

First off, what is Tai Chi? The often-heard, over-simplified phrase to describe Tai Chi is “moving meditation.” In fact, Tai Chi is a complex, internal martial art based on very simple concepts (see Essential  Points to Remember on the Resources page). I like to emphasize the word “art” however, because art is the quality of expressing oneself according to certain principles. So Tennis Tai Chi is simply Tai Chi with a tennis spin - that is, movements that emphasize the Tai Chi principles but applied to tennis.

Practicing Tennis Tai Chi will incorporate fundamental and essential body movement principles into all levels of your game that will allow your existing skills to naturally emerge. By focusing on body movement instead of pure mechanics we help clear the mind, enhance our sense of “centeredness” and move from within. If we use this internal mindfulness approach we allow our body to do the things that it has already learned.

Beginners, intermediate and advanced level players can all benefit from a more centered and body-conscious approach. And importantly, the body movement and awareness principles are not meant exclusively for tennis and they are by no means new ideas. They are age old principles that provide the foundation for this ancient Chinese martial art and they can be applied to anything that you set out to do! 

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