Lee Atwater - Tennis Tai Chi

Useful Information

Listed below are additional resources you may find helpful. There are some web site links provided as well as documents that you may wish to download for future reference. There will be other resources listed here in the future such as brochures and a book about Tennis Tai Chi - so please check back.

For some Tai Chi videos, please visit  the Tai Chi Lee video page.

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Essential Points to Remember when Practicing Tai Chi

  • Suspend from above - the energy at the top of your head should be light and sensitive.
  • Sink your chest and round your back.
  • Sink and Relax your waist - the root is in the feet, energy rises up the legs, is controlled by the waist and expressed in the hands and fingers.
  • Distinguish between full and empty - where does your weight rest?
  • Sink your shoulders and drop your elbows.
  • Use your mind, not strength - we must relax completely to allow our chi to flow unobstructed - then our movements will be nimble, circular and spontaneous.
  • Use your entire body - link body movements together from the ground up, like a series of gears the upper and lower parts folloow one another.
  • Seek continuity without interruption like a great river.
  • Seek stillness in movement and movement in stillness - the slower the better, "remain unmoving until the right action arises by itself."
  • Concentrate your line of vision.

Tennis Tai Chi - “It’s not just an exercise, it’s a way of life”