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Promoting Harmony of Mind, Inner Awareness and Mental Focus.

Tai Chi Lee

“Lee Atwater has been my Tai Chi student for over twenty years. He is now a gifted teacher as well as an accomplished practitioner of Tai Chi”

Guy DeRosa – Lee’s Tai Chi Teacher

What is T’ai Chi?

Greet the new day - embrace your internal energy!The often-heard, oversimplified phrase to describe Tai Chi is “moving meditation.” In fact Tai Chi is a complex, internal martial art but it is based on very simple concepts. Don’t let “martial art” create apprehension. The key word is “art” - the quality of expressing oneself according to certain principles - in this case, the Tai Chi principles.

Tai Chi is also a physical and mental exercise, a stress reliever, as well as a personalized, flowing dance. It’s ideal for people of any age or level of physical conditioning. By practicing simple movements based on ancient Tai Chi principles you can develop better body sense and harmony and tap into your inner core of energy for improved balance, flexibility and mindfulness.


What is the Appeal of Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is great for everyone either performed by itself or as a warm-up and a cool down from other exercises. You may do it before your regular exercise routine to increase speed, flexibility and awareness and afterwards to cool down and center your energy. Tai Chi can also be an effective mind/body, cross training exercise that may help people understand the biomechanics of many sports.  Most importantly, the core Tai Chi principles can be incorporated into your everyday life!

What are the Benefits?

Continual Tai Chi practice can stimulate your internal organs and improve circulation through the increased flow of CHI - your life force or internal energy.  Regular practice of Tai Chi can help:

  • Relax and relieve stress, lowering the incidence of anxiety and depression Tai Chi Lee
  • Improve breathing
  • Lower high blood pressure
  • Boost the immune system
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Improve your posture while stretching, toning and relaxing the body
  • Achieve better physical and emotional balance
  • Develop inner awareness and mental focus
  • Increase joint flexibility

See this document for other benefits and references - also see the Resources page.

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Morning Tai Chi

Embrace Your Internal Energy – Heighten Body Awareness - Achieve Better Focus, Balance and Fluidity

I Found My CHI with Tai Chi Lee”

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