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Promoting Harmony of Mind, Inner Awareness and Mental Focus.

Tai Chi Lee

My instructor, Guy DeRosa, attained his black belt in Shotokan Karate in 1980. While studying for his black belt he began his practice of Tai Chi. Guy has practiced Tai Chi since 1978 under the instruction of his wife, Susanna. Susanna began her training in 1973 with Susanna & Guy DeRosa the late Master Jou Tsung Hwa. Master Jou was a renowned and leading expert in Tai Chi and had been a practitioner for over fifty years.  In addition, Susanna has studied with Master Yang Jen Duo, Chen Xiao Wang, Chen Zheng Lei and Quang Yi Ren. Mr. DeRosa has taught or teaches at Mercer County College, The College of New Jersey, The Somerset School of Massage Therapy, The Princeton Academy of Martial Arts and many other places. I have been Mr. DeRosa’s student for over twenty years, receiving instruction at the Princeton Academy of Martial Arts and private instruction at his home.

I have participated in workshops at the Tai Chi Farm in Warwick, New York Lee Atwatersponsored by the late Master Jou, receiving instruction from Yang Yang, Yang Jwing Ming, Elaine Waters and others. I have also participated in individual workshops by Master Jou and the late Master Zhang Lu Ping held in Princeton, NJ.   In addition, I have received instruction and participated in seminars by Master Willie Lim, a Phoenix, AZ martial arts and Tai Chi expert (Classical Dimension Martial Arts).  I have also performed demonstrations and/or workshops at St. Gregory the Great Church, the Phoenix Academy of Martial Arts, Burlington County College and the Willingboro Center, all in New Jersey. I am also a certified Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor and have attended Dr. Paul Lam’s workshop for special training.

I have practiced under my instructor since 1990 in various locations. Several years later I organized a Tai Chi LeeTai Chi Club and promoted participation with an atmosphere that we are all teachers as well as students. Tai Chi is a lifelong learning experience and even longtime Tai Chi players must approach the art as beginners. I also successfully organized and taught classes in local corporate offices, senior centers, community groups, fitness facilities and adult continuing education and enrichment programs.  I now teach privately at home and as of May 2019 retired from teaching my New Jersey classes at the Hamilton branch of Robert Wood Johnson Fitness and Wellness Center for 15 years and the local Hamilton Area YMCA for three years

My goal is to educate people to the practice of Tai Chi and its many benefits. In teaching, I encourage students to follow their own Tai Chi path – that is, don’t unlearn what you already know but rather raise your awareness and learn to move from the inside - to feel your LIFE FORCE, YOUR ENERGY, YOUR CHI! And most of all don’t make Tai Chi a burden. Learn to incorporate it into your everyday life and enjoy the harmony and mindfulness that it brings to your life!

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