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T-shirts and Instructional DVDs available below!

Instructional DVDs

Video! Below is a SAMPLE video (the actual video is 30 minutes long) of my updated Yang style instructional DVD of the first paragraph. This video includes Tai Chi warm-up exercises, walking and directional stepping, complete instructions with verbal direction all the way through and a beginning to end demonstration of the first set. The video was shot outdoors with natural surroundings. Beginners and more advanced students may find this a useful learning and reference source for Tai Chi practice. Keep checking back for video updates here and also see the Photos & Videos page.  Always contact me so I can check inventory. SOLD OUT!


Video! Below is a SAMPLE video of my “Ten Minute Tai Chi routine for Body, Mind and Spirit” (the actual DVD is about 15 minutes long).  This video is designed to help you establish a daily routine of meditative tai chi movements for health and relaxation.  It includes some simple rooting and circling exercises plus a series of easy tai chi postures and direction changes and an ending post stance meditation.  There is speaking instruction all the way through with soothing background music. Please contact me so I can check inventory. SOLD OUT!



Tai Chi Lee T-shirts SOLD OUT! The front says “I Found My Chi with Tai Chi Lee” in brown lettering. The back says “Find Your Chi with Tai Chi Lee” in green and blue lettering.  These shirts are 100% cotton, nice and light weight.  Cost is $20 each for my students (additional $3 for shipping if you are NOT my student).   Please contact me if you have any questions.

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